Conduct Unbecoming | 1975 | Michael York, Richard Attenborough

Tradition, honour and comradeship are at the core of this gripping and tense courtroom drama, set in a British colonial outpost in India at the end of the 19th century. Michael York stars as the young officer who has to defend a subaltern being court-martialled for assaulting the wife of the regiment’s recently deceased hero.

Michael York as Tenente Arthur Drake
Richard Attenborough as Maggiore Lionel E. Roach
Trevor Howard as Colonnello Benjamin Strang
Stacy Keach as Capitano Archer
Christopher Plummer as Maggiore Alastair Wimbourne
Susannah York as Marjorie Scarlett
James Faulkner as Tenente Edward Millington
Persis Khambatta as Mrs. Bandanai

Director: Michael Anderson

UK | 107 minutes | 1975


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