Chronicle | 2012 | Dane DeHaan, Alex Russell

Dane DeHaan, Alex Russell and Michael B Jordan star in this found-footage fantasy thriller from director Josh Trank. Three high school teens acquire telekinetic powers after they encounter a strange presence while they’re exploring a mysterious hole in the ground.

Their story is told largely via the chronicle of the title, Andrew Detmer’s (DeHaan) video diary, which he also uses to reflect upon his troubled family life. At first, Andrew, his bright cousin Matt (Russell) and the amiable and popular Steve (Jordan) use their new abilities to lark about.

Then, as they realise that, with concentration and effort, they can enhance their powers, they start to employ them in more adventurous ways. But one of them begins to harness this new gift for darker purposes – and pushes the trio towards a cataclysmic clash. The screenplay was written by Max Landis (the son of director John).

Dane DeHaan as Andrew Detmer
Alex Russell as Matt Garetty
Michael B. Jordan as Steve Montgomery
Michael Kelly as Richard Detmer
Anna Wood as Monica
Ashley Grace as Casey Letter
Joe Vaz as Michael Ernesto
Luke Tyler as Sean
Crystal-Donna Roberts as Samantha
Daisy Tormé as Karen Detmar (voice)
Matt Nolan as Austin (voice)
Popeye Vogelsang as Park Ranger (voice)
Steve Kramer as Police Officer (voice)
Ashley Peldon as School Flyer Girl (voice)
Paul Pape as Priest (voice)
Jeff Fischer as Thug (voice)
Kirk Baily as Additional Voices (voice)
Maggie Baird as Additional Voices (voice)
Richard Cansino as Additional Voices (voice)
Kevin Dorman as Additional Voices (voice)
Jean Gilpin as Additional Voices (voice)
Danielle Hartnett as Additional Voices (voice)
Walter Emanuel Jones as Additional Voices (voice)
Hope Levy as Additional Voices (voice)
Rick Negron as Additional Voices (voice)

Director: Josh Trank
Script: Max Landis, Josh Trank

USA | 84 minutes | 2012


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