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Carry On Follow That Camel | 1967 | Phil Silvers, Kenneth Williams

Phil Silvers joins the Carry On crew (well some of them) for this moderately entertaining entry in the cannon.
The Carry On formula gets a shot in the arm with the addition of Phil Silvers to the cast. His scheming Sergeant Nocker is basically a Foreign Legion version of his Bilko, a finagler, fornicator and grade A skiver. He takes in naive English gent Bertram Oliphant West (Dale), who joins the Legion to clear his name accompanied by his butler, the ever-gurning Peter Butterworth.
No Sid James or Babs Windsor, the ever-popular Carry On sauce is ladled on in the unexpected form of a belly-dancing Anita Harris.

Phil Silvers as Sergeant Nocker
Kenneth Williams as Commandant Maximilian Burger
Jim Dale as Bertram Oliphant ‘Bo’ West
Charles Hawtrey as Captain Le Pice
Joan Sims as Zig-Zig
Angela Douglas as Lady Jane Ponsonby
Peter Butterworth as Simpson
Bernard Bresslaw as Sheikh Abdul Abulbul
Anita Harris as Corktip
John Bluthal as Corporal Clotski
William Mervyn as Sir Cyril Ponsonby
Peter Gilmore as Captain Humphrey Bagshaw
Julian Holloway as Ticket Collector
Larry Taylor as Riff
William Hurndell as Raff
Vincent Ball as Ship’s Officer
Julian Orchard as Doctor
David Glover as Hotel Manager
Director: Gerald Thomas
UK | 95 minutes | 1967

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