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Blue Skies | 1946 | Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire

Jed Potter looks back on a love triangle conducted over the course of years and between musical numbers. Dancer Jed loves showgirl Mary, who loves compulsive nightclub-opener Johnny, who can’t stay committed to anything in life for very long.
Bing Crosby as Johnny Adams
Fred Astaire as Jed Potter
Joan Caulfield as Mary O’Hara
Billy De Wolfe as Tony
Olga San Juan as Nita Nova
Mikhail Rasumny as François
Frank Faylen as Mack
Victoria Horne as Martha (nurse)
Karolyn Grimes as Mary Elizabeth Adams
Jimmy Conlin as Jeffrey – Valet (uncredited)
John Deauville as Dancer (uncredited)
John Gallaudet as Stage Manager (uncredited)
Audrey Korn as Dancer (uncredited)
Cliff Nazarro as Cliff – Piano Player (uncredited)
Rudolph Valentino as Valentino (archive footage) (uncredited)
Joan Woodbury as Flo (uncredited)
Will Wright as Dan – Stage Manager (uncredited)
Gene Cole as Dancer (uncredited)
Director: Mark Sandrich
Stuart Heisler
US | 104 minutes | 1946

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