Blue Murder at St. Trinian’s | 1957 | Alastair Sim, George Cole

The grotesque schoolgirls of St Trinian’s return for their second outing, this time embarking on a gruesome tour of Europe as the senior girls try to make a date with a prince and the younger girls try to smuggle stolen jewels.

Lionel Jeffries is weak as the thief masquerading as the headmistress, but he’s more than made up for by Joyce Grenfell reprising her role as the romance-starved WPC, Terry-Thomas as the slimy bus-driving gigolo, and Cole as the spiv Harry. It’s an anarchic romp that plays to a British delight in men having to dress as women to win any real power, the horridness of children, and poking authority firmly in the eye.

Terry-Thomas as Captain Romney Carlton-Ricketts
George Cole as ‘Flash’ Harry
Joyce Grenfell as Sergeant Ruby Gates
Alastair Sim as Miss Amelia Fritton
Sabrina as Virginia
Lionel Jeffries as Joe Mangan
Ferdy Mayne as Italian Police Inspector
Thorley Walters as Major
Michael Ripper as Eric
Lesley Scoble as Uncredited
Terry Scott as Police Sergeant
Lloyd Lamble
Raymond Rollett
Cyril Chamberlain
Ronald Ibbs
Judith Furse
Kenneth Griffith
Richard Wattis
Peter Jones
Lisa Lee
Guido Lorraine
Alma Taylor
Peter Elliott
Charles Lloyd Pack
Lisa Gastoni
Dilys Laye
Rosalind Knight
Marigold Russell
Nicola Braithwaite
Mandy Harper

Director: Frank Launder

UK | 86 minutes | 1957


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