Blithe Spirit | 1945 | Rex Harrison, Kay Hammond

Rex Harrison, Constance Cummings and Margaret Rutherford star in this sparkling comedy directed by David Lean and based on the stage hit by Noel Coward. Harrison plays Charles Condomine, a writer who’s haunted by the ghost of his first wife Elvira (Kay Hammond) after accidentally summoning her up during a séance. He’s then harangued by his second wife, Ruth (Cummings), to get rid of Elvira’s spirit, so medium Madame Arcati (Margaret Rutherford) is booked once more. At first, her intervention seems to bring Charles some relief, but he’s soon beset by more spiritual problems than he can handle…

Rex Harrison as Charles Condomine
Constance Cummings as Ruth Condomine
Kay Hammond as Elvira Condomine
Margaret Rutherford as Madame Arcati
Hugh Wakefield as Dr. George Bradman
Joyce Carey as Violet Bradman
Jacqueline Clarke as Edith
Marie Ault as Cook (uncredited)
Johnnie Schofield as R.A.C. Man Directing Traffic (uncredited)
Noël Coward as Narrator (uncredited)

Director: David Lean
Script: David Lean Noël Coward Ronald Neame Anthony Havelock-Allan

UK | 96 minutes | 1945


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