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Bless This House | 1972 | Sid James, Diana Coupland


Bless This House | 1972 | Sid James, Diana Coupland

Movie spin-off from the popular 70s TV series, starring Sid James as Sid Abbott, the middle-class, middle-aged father who doesn’t understand the youth of the day; in particular his own children, Mike (Robin Askwith) and Sally (Sally Geeson), who both seem keener to attend demos than get a job. Plus, he’s also having problems with his new neighbour Ronald Baines (Terry Scott). So when Baines’s daughter Kate (Carol Hawkins) falls for Mike, comic confusions ensue.

Sid James as Sid Abbott
Diana Coupland as Jean Abbott
Terry Scott as Ronald Baines
June Whitfield as Vera Baines
Peter Butterworth as Trevor Lewis
Sally Geeson as Sally Abbott
Robin Askwith as Mike Abbott
Patsy Rowlands as Betty Lewis
Carol Hawkins as Kate Baines
Bill Maynard as Oldham
Marianne Stone as Muriel

Director: Gerald Thomas

UK | 87 minutes | 1972

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