John Wayne’s contribution to the anti-Communist propaganda pictures of the 50s isn’t exactly pleasant viewing – even today, its central themes seem offensive. Wayne and Arness are dispatched to Hawaii to investigate Communist activities (even though belonging to the party was not strictly a crime at the time) and become involved in some seriously dodgy, murderous goings-on.
If this had been satire it might have been easier to swallow, but the fact that it is played totally straight makes it all the more unpleasant. And a sub-plot, involving the dubious political beliefs of the main love interest, doesn’t help.

John Wayne as Jim McLain
Nancy Olson as Nancy Vallon
James Arness as Mal Baxter
Alan Napier as Sturak
Veda Ann Borg as Madge
Hans Conried as Robert Henried
Hal Baylor as Poke
Gayne Whitman as Dr. Gelster
Gordon Jones as Olaf
Robert Keys as Edwin White
John Hubbard as Lt. Cmdr. Clint Grey
Soo Yong as Mrs. Namaka
Paul Hurst as Mr. Lexiter
Sarah Padden as Mrs. Lexiter
Director: Edward Ludwig
US | 90 minutes | 1952