Beverly Hills Cop | 1984 | Eddie Murphy, Judge Reinhold,

Eddie Murphy stars as streetwise Detroit cop Axel Foley in this 80s mainstream classic. Foley tracks his friend’s killer to Beverly Hills where, despite his lack of status, he teams up with grumpy Sergeant Taggart (John Ashton) and eager Detective Billy Rosewood (Judge Reinhold) to pin the rap on bigwig Victor Maitland (Steven Berkoff). Martin Brest’s mix of action and comedy, driven by Murphy’s motormouth, deservedly broke box-office records at the time.

Eddie Murphy as Det. Axel Foley
Judge Reinhold as Det. William ‘Billy’ Rosewood
John Ashton as Det. Sgt. John Taggart
Ronny Cox as Lt. Andrew Bogomil
Paul Reiser as Jeffrey
Gilbert R. Hill as Insp. Douglas Todd
Lisa Eilbacher as Jeannette ‘Jenny’ Summers
Steven Berkoff as Victor Maitland
James Russo as Mikey Tandino
Jonathan Banks as Zack, Maitland’s Thug
Stephen Elliott as Police Chief Hubbard
Bronson Pinchot as Serge
Michael Champion as Casey
Michael Gregory as Hotel Manager
Rick Overton as Bonded Warehouse Night Supervisor
Damon Wayans as Banana Man
Art Kimbro as Det. Foster
Joel Bailey as Det. McCabe

Director: Martin Brest
Script: Danilo Bach Daniel Petrie Jr.

US | 105 minutes | 1984


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