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Bel Ami (1939, Willi Forst, Olga Tschechowa)

Bel Ami (1939


Bel Ami (1939, Willi Forst, Olga Tschechowa)

This German version of Bel Ami is a loose and ironic adaptation of de Maupassant’s classic tale of a dashing bounder who uses his irresistible power over women to claw his way to the upper echelons of society. The trouble is that, once there, he in turn is used and abused by a gaggle of wicked and liberated ladeez. Willi Forst directed, starred and also had a hand in the script, while Tschechowa gives a stunning performance as Madeline.


Willi Forst (George Duroy), Olga Tschechowa (Madeleine), Hilde Hildebrand (Frau von Marelle), Ilse Werner (Suzanne), Lizzi Waldmüller (Rachel), Johannes Riemann (Laroche), Will Dohm (Forestier), Aribert Wäscher (Walter), Hubert von Meyerinck (Varenne), Walter Gross (Stenotypist), Joachim Below (Verehrer Suzannes), Kalout Ben Gassem (Der Kaid von Marakesch), Egon Brosig (Conferencier), Hildegard Busse (Zofe bei Madeleine), Erich Dunskus (Maschinenmeister), Joe Furtner (Zugschaffner), Walter Lieck (Ausrufer), Richard Ludwig (Butler bei Laroche), Hadrian Maria Netto (Rival), Ilse Petri (Zofe bei Frau von Marelle), Paul Samson-Körner (Ein Betrunkener), Werner Scharf (Dolmetscher), Rosita Serrano (Singer), Lotte Spira (Walters Tischdame), Eleonore Tappert (Eine Sängerin), Hanns Waschatko (Sekretär), Ewald Wenck (Standesbeamter), Bruno Ziener (Parlamentsdiener),


Director: Willi Forst
Script: Axel Eggebrecht, Willi Farst
Producer: Willi Farst
Photographer: Theodore J Pahle

Germany / 100 minutes / 1939


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