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Image from 12 Angry Men Image from 12 Angry Men
film2 months ago

12 Angry Men (Martin Balsam, John Fiedler)

12 Angry Men: The defense and the prosecution have rested and the jury is filing into the jury room to...

film8 months ago

1917 | 2019 | George MacKay, Dean-Charles Chapman

At the height of the First World War, two young British soldiers must cross enemy territory and deliver a message...

Image from 2001: A Space Odyssey Image from 2001: A Space Odyssey
film2 months ago

2001: A Space Odyssey (Keir Dullea, Gary Lockwood)

2001: A Space Odyssey: Humanity finds a mysterious object buried beneath the lunar surface and sets off to find its...

film8 months ago

3 Godfathers | 1948 | John Wayne Pedro Armendáriz

Queasily kind-hearted action comedy – filmed umpteen times before and since – in which three outlaws are forced to take...

Image from 42nd Street Image from 42nd Street
film2 months ago

42nd Street (Dick Powell, Ruby Keeler)

42nd Street: A producer puts on what may be his last Broadway show, and at the last moment a chorus...

film2 years ago

47 Ronin | 2013 | Keanu Reeves, Hiroyuki Sanada

Keanu Reeves stars alongside a Japanese cast in this action-adventure set at the start of the 18th-century. In a Japan...

Image from 48 Hrs. Image from 48 Hrs.
film1 month ago

48 Hrs. (Nick Nolte, Eddie Murphy)

48 Hrs.: A hard-nosed cop reluctantly teams up with a wise-cracking criminal temporarily paroled to him, in order to track...

Image from 49th Parallel Image from 49th Parallel
film2 months ago

49th Parallel (Leslie Howard, Laurence Olivier)

49th Parallel: In the early days of World War II, a German U-boat is sunk in Canada’s Hudson Bay. Hoping...

Image from A Beautiful Mind Image from A Beautiful Mind
film1 month ago

A Beautiful Mind (Russell Crowe, Ed Harris)

A Beautiful Mind: John Nash is a brilliant but asocial mathematician fighting schizophrenia. After he accepts secret work in cryptography,...

film2 months ago

A Clockwork Orange (Warner Bros. Pictures, Malcolm McDowell, Patrick Magee)

A Clockwork Orange: Famous for the controversy surrounding copycat violence and Kubrick’s decision to withdraw it in 1973, A Clockwork...

Image from A Few Good Men Image from A Few Good Men
film2 months ago

A Few Good Men (Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson)

A Few Good Men: When cocky military lawyer Lt. Daniel Kaffee and his co-counsel, Lt. Cmdr. JoAnne Galloway, are assigned...

film2 months ago

A Fish Called Wanda (Prominent Features, John Cleese, Jamie Lee Curtis)

A Fish Called Wanda: Superb British caper comedy. Written by ex-Python John Cleese, who stars as a stiff British barrister...

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