Arthur of the Britons (1972-1973, Oliver Tobias)

Adventure series Arthur of the Britons was a dirty, realistic version of the legend of King Arthur, in which the warlord fights the looting Saxons in the sixth century.

It was an attempt to put the legend of King Arthur in a realistic framework. Arthur, played by Oliver Tobias, lives here in the dark, dirty and murderous England of the 6th century. If King Arthur really existed, this series would probably be more consistent with his way of life than any other production.

The series also offered Brian Blessed a full blooded role as Mark of Cornwall.

The series was made by HTV for the ITV Network and ran for 24 episodes from 6 December 1972 to 28 November 1973.

Cast: Oliver Tobias, Michael Gothard, Jack Watson, Brian Blessed, Gila von Weitershausen,

Executive Producer: Patrick Dromgoole