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And Then There Were None (1974, Oliver Reed, Elke Sommer)

Apart from the lively The Italian Job, Peter Collinson’s directorial output was alternately pretentious and crude. His disastrous remake of The Spiral Staircase was only marginally better than this revamping of Agatha Christie’s classic mystery.

He and writer-producer Harry Alan Towers inveigled a starry international cast to join them in Spain to shoot And Then There Were None in which a group of 10 people are brought into a remote setting and get bumped off one by one until only two, suspicious of each other, remain. Or do they? Luminaries such as Attenborough (he’s the baddie), Celi and Audran provide the gimmick. The lucky ones got murdered early.

Cast: Oliver Reed, Richard Attenborough, Elke Sommer, Stephane Audran, Charles Aznavour, Adolfo Celi

Director: Peter Collinson
Producer: Harry Alan Towers
Writers: Erich Krohnke, Enrique liovet, Harry Alan Towers
Novel: Agatha Christie
Photographer: Fernando Arribas

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