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Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (E4 / 22 Dec 2020)

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (2013


Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (E4 / 22 Dec 2020)

With the 70s behind him, San Diego’s top rated newsman, Ron Burgundy, returns to take New York’s first 24-hour news channel by storm.


Will Ferrell (Ron Burgundy), Steve Carell (Brick Tamland), Paul Rudd (Brian Fantana), David Koechner (Champ Kind), Christina Applegate (Veronica Corningstone), Dylan Baker (Freddie Shapp), Meagan Good (Linda Jackson), Harrison Ford (Mack Tannen), James Marsden (Jack Lime), Greg Kinnear (Gary), Judah Nelson (Walter Burgundy), Josh Lawson (Kench Allenby), Kristen Wiig (Chani Lastnam√©), Fred Willard (Ed Harken), Chris Parnell (Garth), Bill Kurtis (Narrator (voice)), June Diane Raphael (Chani’s Boss), Tom Clark (Curtis Knightfish), Drake (Soul Brother), Eliza Coupe (Sea World Trainer), Brian F. Durkin (Sea World Manager), Zoe Myers (Whammy Chicken Girl), Clark Sarullo (Whammy Chicken Girl), Matthew Cornwell (GNN Director), Dane Davenport (GNN Crew Member), Dan Triandiflou (GNN Producer), David Marshall Silverman (WBC Stage Manager), Jayson Warner Smith (Guy with Knife in Head), David Dwyer (Redneck), Courtney Patterson (Housewife), Kelly Tippens (Housewife), Jon Hayden (Ad Sales Guy), Ron Prather (Priest), Gary Weeks (Scout Leader), L. Warren Young (Linda’s Father), Darlene French (Linda’s Mother), E. Roger Mitchell (Linda’s Brother), Michael Menapace (Yasser Arafat), Patricia French (Crowd Member at Ice Rink), Paula Pell (Crowd Member at Ice Rink), Wilbur Fitzgerald (Dr. Brangley), Karen Beyer (Music Teacher), Brian Steele (Were-Hyena / Minotaur), Sacha Baron Cohen (BBC News Anchor), Marion Cotillard (CBS News Anchor), Will Smith (ESPN Reporter), Sarah E. Spencer (GNN Assistant), Kirsten Dunst (El Trousias Maiden of the Clouds), Brian Patrick Butler (Sea World Tourist (uncredited)), Jim Carrey (CBC News Anchor (uncredited)), Steve Coulter (Judge (uncredited)), Tina Fey (Entertainment Tonight Reporter (uncredited)), Kimberly Dawn Guerrero (Weathergirl (uncredited)), Liam Neeson (History Channel Host (uncredited)), Amy Poehler (Entertainment Tonight Host (uncredited)), John C. Reilly (Ghost of Stonewall Jackson (uncredited)), Richard Saxton (GNN News Anchor (uncredited)), Lori Beth Sikes (Tina (uncredited)), Vince Vaughn (Wes Mantooth (uncredited)), Kanye West (MTV Host (uncredited)), Nickolas Wolf (Science Fair Kid (uncredited)),


Director: Adam McKay

US / 119 minutes / 2013


21:00-23:20 Tue 22nd Dec 2020


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