All That Heaven Allows | 1955 | William Reynolds, Jane Wyman,

Douglas Sirk’s acclaimed romantic drama serves both as a superior weepie and a critique on the morals of America’s 1950s bourgeoisie. Jane Wyman stars as Cary Scott, a wealthy widow who has decided that it’s time to restart her life once more. She’s not short of suitors, but not only is the man she’s attracted to younger than her, he’s also her gardener, Ron Kirby (Rock Hudson). She’s initially not afraid to flout conventions, but the disapproval of her grown-up children and her social set force her to rethink. Can true love find its way?

William Reynolds as Ned
Jane Wyman as Cary Scott
Rock Hudson as Ron Kirby
Agnes Moorehead as Sara Warren
Conrad Nagel as Harvey
Virginia Grey as Alida Anderson
Gloria Talbott as Kay
Charles Drake as Mick Anderson
Hayden Rorke as Dr. Hennessy
Jacqueline deWit as Mona Plash
Leigh Snowden as Jo-Ann
Donald Curtis as Howard Hoffer
Alex Gerry as George Warren
Nestor Paiva as Manuel
Forrest Lewis as Mr. Weeks
Tol Avery as Tom Allenby
Merry Anders as Mary Ann

Director: Douglas Sirk
Script: Peg Fenwick Edna L. Lee Harry Lee

US | 89 minutes | 1955


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