All That… for This?! | 1993 | Fabrice Luchini, Vincent Lindon

The appeal of Lelouch’s comedy stems largely from the fact that it depicts ordinary people in extraordinary situations. Here they are a waiter, taxi driver and hairdresser who quit their mundane jobs for a new-found career conning gullible tourists. Like many of his films, it has a vaguely fantastical feel (watch them try to wriggle out of their crimes), but for the most part is a delightfully good-natured comedy.

Fabrice Luchini as Fabrice Lenormand
Vincent Lindon as Lino
Jacques Gamblin as Jacques Grandin
Francis Huster as Francis Barrucq
Marie-Sophie L.
GĂ©rard Darmon
Evelyne Bouix

Writer and Director: Claude Lelouch

Canada – France | 116 minutes | 1993