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Adore | 2013 | Naomi Watts, Robin Wright

Naomi Watts, Robin Wright, Xavier Samuel and James Frecheville star in director Anne Fontaine’s adaptation of a Doris Lessing novella. In an isolated small town on the beautiful east coast of Australia, two women in their forties, widowed Lil (Watts) and married Roz (Wright), have been neighbours and best friends since childhood.

One summer’s day, they are lying on the beach admiring their sons as they surf, but it’s not long before this innocent admiration unexpectedly changes into something else. When Roz’s husband Harold (Ben Mendelsohn) takes a job in Sydney, she and her son Tom (Frecheville) decide to stay behind. With Harold away in the city, a dramatic new dynamic develops when Roz begins an affair with Lil’s son, Ian (Samuel). Tom discovers this and, initially in revenge, starts a relationship with Lil. The four of them realise they are perfectly comfortable with this new set-up. But their relationships cannot stay hidden for long, and the ensuing complications lead to confrontations and startling outcomes.

Naomi Watts as Lil
Robin Wright as Roz
Xavier Samuel as Ian
James Frecheville as Tom
Ben Mendelsohn as Harold
Sophie Lowe as Hannah
Gary Sweet as Saul
Jessica Tovey as Mary
Alyson Standen as Molly
Dane Eade as Surfer lifeguard
Charlee Thomas as Lil’s grand-daughter
Scott Pirlo as Assistant
Isaac Cocking as Young Tom
Drew Fairley as Theatre Director
Rowan Witt as Oswald
Sally Cahill as Mrs. Alving
Richard Huggett as Punter
Katrina Norman as Roz Swimming Double
Genevieve Hegney as Workshop Performer
Maya Stange as Workshop Performer
James McFay as Workshop Performer
Matt Levett as Workshop Performer
Bianca Bateman as Stand-in

Director: Anne Fontaine
Script: Christopher Hampton
Novella: Doris Lessing

France – Australia | 100 minutes | 2013

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