Image from the movie "Peeping Tom"

Peeping Tom (1960, Karlheinz Böhm)

Peeping Tom is a seminal study of the serial killer, which predates even Psycho, from director Michael Powell. With its camera-wielding, ‘scoptophiliac’ killer it’s both frightening and fascinating Powell’s seminal portrait of a serial killer was written off as exploitative and nasty at the time of release. But perhaps this is actually the film to quote when trying to disprove Francois Truffaut’s infamous saying that there is no such thing as British cinema. Visually sublime… Read More »Peeping Tom (1960, Karlheinz Böhm)

Image from the movie "Frenzy"

Frenzy (1972, Jon Finch)

Hitchcock’s penultimate film lacks some of the style of his earlier work, but it still boasts enough clever, original flourishes to remind you that this is a master at work. Jon Finch stars as the man who goes on the run after becoming number one suspect for a string of killings across London, the victims strangled with the murderer’s necktie. But his best buddy (Barry Foster) might have more to do with the horrific crimes… Read More »Frenzy (1972, Jon Finch)

Poster for the movie "The Heiress"

The Heiress (1949, Olivia De Havilland)

A soberly dramatic and polished version of Henry James’s novel Washington Square, this shows some of its theatrical origins in situation and dialogue, having arrived via the Broadway adaptation by Ruth and Augustus Goetz. However, there are pleasures in the designs, score by Copland (winning an Academy Award) and performances. Oscar-winning de Havilland’s portrayal of a plain-jane spinster who comes to the painful realization that her suitor’s intentions are more mercenary than romantic is spine-chilling.… Read More »The Heiress (1949, Olivia De Havilland)